Voi affezionatissimi Sbam-fans sapete già tutto, ma ora la notizia è stata diffusa anche oltreoceano: la partnership tra Sbam! e Sitcomics è realtà!

Dal prossimo gennaio potrete deliziarvi con le creazioni Sitcomics tradotte nella lingua di Dante: serie come Blue Baron, Super Suckers, Startup, Telepathetic, Z-People, e altre ancora (qualcuna in produzione adesso) saranno a vostra disposizione, con tutto il loro incredibile parterre di autori!

Ecco come il portale First Comics News ha diffuso la notizia:

Sitcomics™, the publisher that gives popular comic book genres a sitcom twist, has reached a licensing deal with Milan-based Sbam! to translate and publish Sitcomics in Italy.

The four-year agreement gives Sbam! exclusive rights to publish hardcover, Italian translations of all Sitcomics Binge Book™ titles including The Blue Baron, Super ‘Suckers and upcoming super-hero team book The Heroes Union from Roger SternRon Frenz and Sal Buscema.

Italy is passionate about comics and we’re thrilled that Sbam! is so excited to bring our humor titles to fun-loving Italian readers,” says Sitcomics publisher and veteran TV sitcom writer Darin Henry (Seinfeld, KC Undercover).  “Our American fans have already fallen in love with our colorful, 21st Century characters drawn in classic art styles and, with Sbam! leading the charge, we’re shamelessly confident that this formula will quickly win over Italian readers too.

Sitcomics’ unique Binge Book™ format, which delivers a self-contained, 64-page storyline for only $3.99, is similar to the “album” format that has been the European standard for decades.

As soon as we saw Sitcomics, we immediately decided to propose them for Italy!” declares Sbam! founder Antonio Marangi. “We have always been very careful to offer our readers the best of Italian comics books. Now it will be a pleasure – and an honor – to also publish these American works which will be greatly appreciated by the most loyal and new readers, who will both be able to discover a whole new world in comics!

Sbam! will begin releasing Sitcomics in print this January.
English language Binge Books are available now at select comic shops across the USA and Canada via Sitcomics’ Sell-Thru Distribution System. Sitcomics’ current and upcoming creative roster includes David Michelinie, Tom DeFalco, Corin Howell, Jeff Shultz, Craig Rousseau, Renee Reeser Zelnick, Tom Richmond, Al Milgrom, Randy Bishop, Blair Shedd, Neil Vokes, Mike Vosburg and Todd Dezago.

US retailers interested in carrying Sitcomics Binge Books can contact the publisher via their website at www.sitcomics.net
Additional information on Sbam! can be found at
www.sbamcomics.it ».

E per farvi venire ulteriore acquolina in bocca, eccovi anche un sontuoso video-trailer!